Which Slot Cars Are Suitable For Use On Track 1:32?  

Slots cars can be found in many scales. Since the advent of digital slot car racing in the last few years, the selection of a slot car has been a very confusing affair. People often ask which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32?  Beginners do have a lot of questions and most of them are basic. We hope this post  will answer some of your questions.

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Slot car manufacturers have tried to standardize their cars in the UK and Europe. The most popular scale for cars is 1:32. The following companies manufacture products of this size.

1. Scalextric (UK)

2. Ninco (Spain)

3. NSR (Italy)

4. Slot.it (Italy)

5. Carrera (Austria)

All manufacturers offer the market something different, and this is not just about the type of cars they produce.


Which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32

Carrera manufactures cars a for a wide variety of tracks, ranging from 1:24 to 1:43. The  1:32 ranges are called 132 Evolution and 132 Digital. Their track is somewhat wider than any other manufactured track. It’s designed for vehicles up to a scale of 1:24. The Carrera slots are of great value and well-finished with a lot of attention to details

Carrera digital works on a different operating system than Scalextric. However you can still convert your vehicles to Scalextric digitally. We recommend that you do not try to convert your F1 vehicles. They require a high degree of modeling capability to complete the conversion. The Carrera slot cars are supplied with a different guide that allows their products to work on other tracks. To change the guide, simply pull out the existing guide and slide the Scalextric into the car and the conversion is complete.


Which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32

NSR cars are the choice of the experienced racers. They are not cheap, but their products are compact, tough and durable. They are designed to compete with the best in the business, and all NSR products are designed for speed. You have a limited choice of vehicle models, but each car usually has a variety of engine configurations to choose from. A wide range of spare parts is also available to help you get the best performance from your range.


Which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32

Scalextric is the English brand that everyone knows and with which he or she grew up. All the car manufacturers mentioned above have cars that work on the Scalextric line. However Scalextric also works on the Ninco and Carrera line. The  Scalextric sets are available in several variants.

They offer a range of high-quality cars, but these cars are not suitable for use with younger children as they are too fragile. F1 cars are the most fragile in this field. Their second type of car is their rugged range and there are two types of these. They have the ordinary cars with dull colors, which are the cheapest. If your wallet is a bit bigger then there are the bright and colorful ones with top quality finish with more details.

Due to their simplified design, the plain cars have no lights installed. Most Scalextric cars have the DPR chassis to allow easy connection with a digital plug. This can be done in just about a minute or so, and you only need a small Phillips screwdriver to convert it. In general, Scalextric cars offer good value for money.Hence why there is a wide range of cars to choose from. So you can decide which style of car you want to drive with.


Which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32

Slot.It offers a car similar to NSR, that was made for the most serious racers. Its range of vehicles emulate the Le Mans cars of the late 1960s. Slot cars gradually evolved to a higher standard than the NSR. That is why NSR prices are cheaper for the home slot car racers. The Slots.it cars have a digital chip that can be used to convert your cars into the Scalextric digital system, and that convinces many home users to buy this brand.


Which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32

The Ninco Car Slots are manufactured in two stages. They produce their normal scale of 1:32, with three versions of cars on this scale. Ninco 1 is their car budget range, lacking detail and no lights, but it’s cheaper. The standard range of Ninco cars is manufactured with extraordinary attention to detail and workmanship.

We have covered the most popular car brands available in the UK. There are many other companies that offer additional auto variants and features. So don’t worry about the cars that don’t work on your layout, you can convert them into a digital setup that runs on your track. In order to do so the cars can be converted with a soldering iron and a modest modeling capacity. There are many sources of guidance and advice that can be found on forums and even at car slot users.

Which Slot Cars Are Suitable For Use On Track 1:32?  

Hopefully, now that you have this basic information about these slot cars, you would be ready to buy the slot car of your choice. And obviously, if you hear anybody asking this question as to which slot cars are suitable for use on track 1:32, we are sure you would be able to answer that. Happy racing!

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