How Do Slot Cars Work?

Do you want to start slot car racing? Have you ever wondered how slot cars work? Well, if you are just starting out and would like to learn more about slot car racing, then read this post carefully.

To begin with, racing slot cars is an exciting pastime in which everyone can participate. Fans can be found all over the world and there are slot car racing clubs in almost every major city.

Most of the rules of slot race clubs dictate that having fun and excitement is their ultimate goal. People of all ages, men and women,  small boys and girls, enjoy slot car racing and this is the most unique feature of this game that it breaks all barriers of age.

What are slot cars?

Slot cars are very simple small devices. These are miniature models of real racing cars, mostly on a scale of 1:24.

The electric power supply of the grooved car is provided by metal bands next to the slot on the track. This is then picked up by the contacts known as the guide flag which is a pivoting blade located at the front of the vehicle.

This voltage is varied by a resistor located in the handset that remains under the control of the driver of the vehicle. This is the basic circuit and other optional functions like electronic devices are also available.

HO cars work a little differently, but the premise is the same. The current flows through metal rails which project just above the surface of the track and are arranged further away from the slot.

The vehicle is equipped with electrical contacts, the so-called “catch shoes”, which are located directly above the chassis of the vehicle. Instead of a swiveling flag, a small round guide pin is usually used.

How do they stay on track?

In many racing drivers on a scale, traction magnets are often used to give the car what is called “downforce”. This helps the car maintain its relationship with the racetrack even at higher speed.

It gives the driver more pleasure because the car does not slip or does not drift out of the race. This results in a more realistic visual effect for the driver.

Slot cars are not only miniature versions of their life-size counterparts. Some of them have been completely rebuilt from scratch and are beautiful hand-made reproductions of their creator’s favorite works.

However, some are even further modified to give them a performance advantage. Apart from the small swiveling flag, nothing stops the car from flying off the track in round curves. That’s what makes the hobby so exciting for the participants.

Slot car make-up:

All slot cars consist of a body that is a solid piece of plastic that fits over the top of the chassis. The weight of the car and the distribution of this weight are of utmost importance in the design and construction of a slot car.

Each car has an electric motor in the middle, front or rear. Racing car engines are classified according to the number of revolutions per minute they produce. This is determined by the amount of voltage it receives.

Copper wires or steel braids come into contact with the rail and provide the energy for the vehicle. A flag is attached to the chassis of the car. The guiding flag is the one that guides the car along the route.

Gearboxes are used to control the acceleration and speed of the car. Standard gears can be upgraded can be at a later date to increase vehicle performance.

Magnets are attached to the front and rear of the car to exert the force downwards. Some racing car enthusiasts choose to drive cars without magnets because magnets increase the weight of the car.

Hopefully, this post has given you a basic idea about how slot cars work and we are sure that you will be more enthusiastic to buy your favorite slot car racing set.












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