Best Carrera Slot Cars For Your Slot Car Track!

Are you looking for the best Carrera slot cars for your slot car track? You must be, otherwise, you would not be here. But before we move on to discuss that, we would like to say a few things about Carrera slot cars and their manufacturer.

For more than half a century, Carrera has brought together long-time slot car enthusiasts and complete newcomers to its racetracks.

Nowadays there are many excellent products for slot car racing games to discover. Thanks to the acquisition of manufacturing licenses, families can share this fun together on the race tracks.

Carrera has also impressed users with its superior manufacturing quality, innovative technology and realistic racing atmosphere. Therefore it’s no surprise that the company would be dishing out the best Carrera slot cars for you that match the high standards of international car racing!

There is also a lot for the world’s youngest drivers.  The famous racetracks in Carrera are home to such characters as the famous Plumber Mario by Nintendo Mario Kart, Disney/Pixar Cars and Transformers. This fills each bedroom race track with high-speed sporting action. Additionally Carrera is always launching new model slot cars for motorsports, both for young AND old.

Best Carrera Slot Cars

Introduction of digital technology

best carrera slot cars

Thanks to Carrera’s new Digital 132 technology, up to six vehicles can overcome each other at high speeds. The Pace-Car function allows drivers to race against a remote-controlled car that moves independently at a pre-programmed speed.

The real value however, is that you can use the  Carrera Digital 132 slot cars on your digital and analog tracks. The Carrera Digital 132 is the first system that combines the world of traditional analog circuits with the fascinating possibilities of the digital age. 

Carrera Exclusiv, the top-of-the-range 1:24 scale product line, has been at the forefront of the slot car scene for 40 years. It combines design, dynamism and passion for motorsport in a unique and special way.

Luxury cars are available with genuine xenon headlights and taillights, a wide range of adjustment options and even the ability to enter new digital worlds.

High standards of Carrera slot cars

Safety and quality have always been central at Carrera. This is why they work closely with the Nuremberg State Trade Institute. The LGA is responsible for inspecting all products to ensure that they comply with legal safety standards. All the best Carrera slot cars are manufactured in accordance with the latest European laws and standards.

Let us now give you our slot car reviews on the best Carrera slot cars, so you can buy the slot car game that matches your style and personal preferences.

1) Carrera Digital 132 Hybrid Power Race Game  Set

[amazon fields=”B00IYS87C8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Digital 132″]

[amazon fields=”B00IYS87C8″ value=”button”]

If you want to organize a big rally of 6 people and 6 different Carrera slot cars on the same track, then get your hands on the Carrerra 30173 Power Set. There can only be one ultimate rider, and this is the only way to prove it! This has proven to be our favorite of the whole set!

You’ll discover that you’ll get wireless controllers to drive your Carrera slot cars, making the experience even more interesting! You can sit back and enjoy the pleasure from the comfort of your couch! It’s probably one of the largest slot car racing sets in the world. As such you can bring home a lot of friends to play together with the best Carrera slot cars. Additionally you can also enjoy it alone or in smaller groups, if you so desire.

[amazon box = “B00IYS87C8” ]

2) Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set

[amazon fields=”B00BZR5WG4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B00BZR5WG4″ value=”button”]

Who’s never gotten their hands on a Mario Kart before? Everyone who has played it before knows how much fun it is to ride with friends as the famous Nintendo characters. Now you can do the same with a replicated track of the series with the Carrera Go Mario Set! Accept the physical challenge of the virtual world created by the best Carrera slot cars.

The track has a huge, sloping curve and a loop in the middle. The Nintendo Mario Kart will be a nostalgic experience in itself, combined with the fun of slot car games, and then you’ll have the best time! Slot car replicated tracks are very similar to video games, but obviously not as long as it is in the game.

[amazon box = “B00BZR5WG4” ]

3) Carrera GO! Final Lap! Track Set

[amazon fields=”B00TKOWU5K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B00TKOWU5K” value=”button”]

Carrera Go!!! is one of the brands where you can find everything from basic models to incredibly advanced sets for professionals. You can also buy a large number of different slot cars and add them to the track. As far as the “Final Lap” ensemble is concerned, you are looking for something for the younger generation to have a little fun with and nothing too serious, but also something difficult.

To simplify the gameplay and the fun process, this set is a very quick and easy installation. As far as the price is concerned, it is, of course, one of the biggest attractions! This package is ideal for those who have a little more experience with slot cars and would like to spend a good time with the younger generation!

[amazon box = “B00TKOWU5K” ]

4) Carrera GO! Disney Pixar CARS Ice Racers 1:43 Scale

[amazon fields=”B06XKY7727″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B06XKY7727″ value=”button”]

The product that comes next in the reviews of the best Carrera slot car sets is the Carrera Go! Disney Edition! Anyone who has seen the great movie Pixar Cars knows how quickly the main characters have turned into iconic symbols for children’s toys! Is there a better way to create a theme for a car than this film? Now children can let their favorite characters run around on a real set.

Since this is not the easiest of tracks, you need to learn how to use the acceleration correctly and test speed limits and patience! Believe it or not, but it is actually a good thing to teach children to be patient to achieve certain goals. It will take some practice to master this game, but once you’ve mastered the tricks of the trade, you’ll have a fantastic time to enjoy it!

[amazon box = “B06XKY7727” ]

5) Carrera Go-Ferrari GT experience

[amazon fields=”B00NAR2KGM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B00NAR2KGM” value=”button”]

The Carrera GO – Ferrari GT Experience, here we start to shift up a gear. Like Scalextric, Carrera is also the other flagship in the world of slot cars.
Known for quality, speed and ever-expandable fun, Carrera is the other brand you want to explore if your kids are interested in really getting into the slot cars.
The Ferrari GT Experience is one of their most popular sets, and any guy who’s pretty crazy about his motorsport, would totally understand that. Ferrari is really unbeatable!

[amazon box = “B00NAR2KGM” ]

6) Carerra Evolution Formula Run Race Set

[amazon fields=”B00TIZLU8E” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B00TIZLU8E” value=”button”]

This is really the battle of the best! Mercedes won the Constructor’s Championship in 2014 with the best car in Formula 1 before the end of the season.

For a long time, people found that Nico Rosberg and his teammate Lewis Hamilton were caught in an extremely tight race for victory.

In the end, it was Lewis Hamilton’s ambition and talent that won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the championships. Lewis Hamilton became the proud winner of the 2014 World Championship title.

The Ferrari F14 T with its extremely flat suction nozzle provides an incredible power and poses a great threat to Mercedes.

The 4.5 meter long Carrera racetrack with two long straights is perfect for tight races between teams that have been so successful in Formula One in recent years. This promises further exciting motorsport battles in the future.

[amazon box = “B00TIZLU8E” ]

7) Carrera GO! Slot Car Set For Red Champions (scale 1:43)

[amazon fields=”B01BD3CPO6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B01BD3CPO6″ value=”button”]

Old Carrera Go!!! have flat tabs that don’t really stick onto the track. These newer sets have redesigned tab structures that provide a pseudo-block mechanism and produce tracks that can be dragged and moved without shutting down the route. The result is a stiffer track that is much easier to put things into position and move without being disassembled.

The loop and flyover turn are robust and easy to install. The best Carrera slot cars contain a series of foundation elements that contribute to stabilizing the race track and curved walls that prevent cars from flying off the track.

F1 style cars should be the children’s favorites; they are by far the fastest cars on the track. The front wheels are individually connected like the Lego wheels, while the other Go! have a right front axle.

One thing that is worth discussing is that the controllers for this slot car game have two unique features: a turbo button that allows the cars to drive fast enough to clear the loop, and a safety clip that hinders the ability of the triggers to be pressed all the way through. This feature is ideal for infants who have difficulty steering the car in tight corners.

Overall, these are much better than the slot cars of the 80s and you should be very happy with the purchase if you decide to buy this slot car set. Because all track tracks are compatible with Digital 1/43 sets, it’s also great for upgrades.

[amazon box = “B01BD3CPO6” ]

8) Carrera GO! GT Competition Slot Car Set (1:43)

[amazon fields=”B01BD3CPIM” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B01BD3CPIM” value=”button”]

The race starts and both cars start at high speed! It’s gonna be a real one-to-one race. This Carrera GO Photo Finish 1/43 racing set offers a real duel between Italian sports cars, whose rivalry is well-known in racing circles—the Lamborghini Huracan and the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 AF Corsica.

You will feel the tension on the straight and in the curves as you challenge the other car at the crossroads! Everything is included in the price so that you can drive under the best conditions.

The dimensions of the assembled track are 8.43 x 4.27 feet and the current length is 28.21 feet.

All Carrera GO racing sets are equipped with a turbo button on the speed controller, which can be pressed at any time to increase speed.

Manufactured by Carrera, this racing game set is compatible with all other Carrera GO products and with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Enjoy the driving pleasure at the joystick! It is good to know that the Carrera slot car track is designed for maximum speed. You will experience the ultimate 1:43 race experience. And it is good for children who are above 6 years. The module is supplied with a transformer, connecting rail, 2-speed controller and tower meter.

[amazon box = “B01BD3CPIM” ]

9) Carrera Evolution Fast Classic Racing Set

[amazon fields=”B011MITXSS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B011MITXSS” value=”button”]

When you’re used to digital games and play on your laptop and PS4, you’ll always feel like you need to change. Yes, if you decide that a change is necessary, you do not need to search any further. Because we offer the Carrera Evolution Fast Track Racing Set, a Carrera Slot car Car Kit that is regarded by many as a masterpiece. And you won’t regret buying the Carrera Evolution Fast Classics racing set!

The racetracks are similar and almost realistic. There are also two racing cars, including a Ford Mustang and a Shelby Cobra. The paths are quite big, which makes the experience unique. You may get this one for your home if you want the thrilling experience of a real racing car game.

[amazon box = “B011MITXSS” ]

10) Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set

[amazon fields=”B00BZR5YE4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera Go Mario Cart 7 Racing Set”]

[amazon fields=”B00BZR5YE4″ value=”button”]

Last but not least, let’s talk about one of the best digital Carrera slot car sets in the game today, which is why it’s also one of the most expensive.

This is serious car racing indeed! The Carrera Digital 132 Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set is the racing area where we make a big (and expensive) jump into the arena of digital slot cars.

Digital Slot Cars are usually what you will see in competitions and advanced slot car racing.

Switching from analog to digital opens up all kinds of additional gameplay, such as track switching, application integration and even the ability to encode and hack systems.

Obviously,  digital is certainly the way you want to go, and if you know that your kids are really serious about slot car racing, you should consider purchasing this slot car set though it is quite expensive.

But as they say, you only get what you pay for! But we can assure you that if you are a slot car racer and love the adrenaline rush, you should contemplate buying this gaming set immediately and without any hesitation, for yourself or for your children.

[amazon box = “B00BZR5YE4” ]

Wrapping up

If you are passionate about Carrera slot cars, you will see that we have given you enough feedbacks on the best Carrera slot cars that are popular on the market today. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so to say. And now it’s your turn to get the best Carrera slot cars for your family in order to give them the best they deserve. Go racing now!


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