Best Slot Car Tracks for your Kids

Do you love fast-moving cars? Then invest your money in some impressive slot car tracks! What could be more exciting than driving at dizzying speed on winding roads! Take a look at the ones we found online that you can buy for change on the dollar. Or click here to go straight to the best one!

What’s a slot car?

Ready, steady, go! Car racing has always been one of the most common forms of entertainment in sports. When you start the race, you’ll get an intense adrenaline rush and dizzying excitement that triggers your competitive spirit and pushes it to new heights!

It goes without saying that any kind of victory brings indescribable satisfaction and pride. A car race is a form of sporting entertainment intended primarily for adults.

But what about the kids? A slot car simulator was developed earlier for children to give them the thrill of a real race without the dangers that racers are normally exposed to. Strangely enough, even adults take part in slot car championships nowadays, which makes this kind of race a very popular pastime for the whole family.

In fact, slot car games are micro-versions of real racing tracks with miniature cars that are driven on a variety of additional curves. You can control the cars with a controller or even race on a smartphone. You can also choose your own game from a variety of game modes. For example, you can select a single mode to hone  your racing skills, or a championship mode where you compete against others.

Below you will find the most important features to consider when selecting the best slot car tracks.

Features for comparison


First you need to know the type of track. Niche cars were originally named after the technology used to manufacture them. They were mains powered and had special slots so that the cars could drive fast on the track.

However, technical advances have made it possible to replace the old complex mechanism with rechargeable batteries. As such you can upgrade your car to a newer model. This allows you to manage the whole racing process wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. You can configure race modes, create virtual pitfalls for your opponents and publish your results on social networks.

In addition, the new slot car tracks offer freedom of movement. This means that cars can now drive freely along the entire track instead of driving on the same route. As you can see, slot car tracks have a limited movement path, but cars move at higher speeds because small magnets prevent them from flying off the rails.

In addition, these magnets allow cars to make a loop that will delight your child. Irrespective of the kind of tracks you use and the brand you choose, the tracks available are one of the most important factors when selecting a slot car racing game.

Of course, if you only have one track section, you will soon get bored with the racing game. But with a range of options, you can switch slot car tracks every day.

Assembly also plays an important role in the selection of slot car tracks. Analog models can be mounted on the surface with grooves, clicks or magnets. Digital models can also use these accessories, but there are also models that can be installed on a floor, carpet, large table or other solid surface that you prefer.

Cars and control

Depending on the type of track, there are analogue or digital  vehicles. Analog slot car sets are designed to fit exactly on the track. Small cars are usually designed for high-speed combat, while large cars create a realistic racing atmosphere for both children and adults.

Digital slot cars move freely along the entire length of the slot car tracks, but may not fit in with tracks provided by other manufacturers. In addition, there are many different types of slot car controls. Analogue cars, for example, are controlled by a special joystick (remote control) which is connected to the central control unit. And digital slot cars are controlled via radio signals or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Game modes and features

To make races more varied, manufacturing companies have made it possible for users to select tracks and game modes. Thus, you can easily arrange an exciting race exclusively meant for your children and their friends.

They can train their riding skills by using a single mode or compete with computer opponents using digital models. Digital slot cars have some extra features like entering pit stops for fueling and tire replacement.

Additionally, you can set traps or shoot your opponents while racing. All such features mentioned above, make racing even more realistic, thrilling and dynamic!

Now let us come back to the best slot car tracks and racing cars you may choose for yourself. After a thorough research, we have selected the following for you.

1) Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

[amazon fields=”B00V6951I0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Anki Overdrive Starter Kit”]

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Let’s have a closer look at the Anki Slot Car set. The Anki Overdrive is an improved version of the previous Anki Drive.

The track consists of 10 parts: 6 curved and 4 straight parts. The entire distance measures 3.5 x 8.5 feet. Different track combinations allow you to build up to 8 battlegrounds. The slot cars use traction magnets that stick the cars onto the track to make them move faster. Small sensors prevent cars from falling off in curves.

This set of digital slot cars requires no power supply. It can therefore be installed anywhere in your room to make your work easier.

On the manufacturer’s website you will find a wide range of slot car tracks for endless design possibilities so that you may enjoy hours of racing fun.

When assembling the track, it is better to focus on the complexity of the track than its size. To make your race even more challenging, you can put ups and downs, bends and curves at your disposal.

Test results

In this test we took into account the skull and GroundShock included in the starter kit. They are battery powered and offer up to 20 minutes of uninterrupted play with a fully charged battery, which is sufficient for multiple strokes. Each car has its own characteristics and weaponry. The skull is slower, but it has more firepower, armed with plasma cannons, deep charge and Chaingun. GroundShock, in turn, moves faster, but lacks deadly fire powers. It is equipped with the following weapons: electric impulse, beam charge and nuclear inverter.

The Anki Slot Car Set uses wireless technology that makes it easy to use. All you need is to download the Anki Overdrive application on your Android and iOS. It is compatible with different operating systems. In addition, up to 4 cars can drive simultaneously on the same track. So you can organize a real championship!

As a bonus, you can also view the statistics after the race and change the game mode, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. Slot car fans will certainly be satisfied with a wide range of available cars.

Build a collection of your favorite vehicles with different driving characteristics and a unique weapon! If you have your favorite cars from the old Anki Drive collection, it could be very useful.

The good news is that Anki Overdrive supports all your old Anki cars and you can use them all in the newer version.

Review of the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

With the Anki Overdrive Starter Starter Kit you can choose from 5 game modes: Race, fight, time trial, King Of The Hill and Tournament. You can compete with each other or with artificial intelligence (AI) and improve your racing skills in solo mode.

There is a special docking station for 4 cars, which will charge the track in 8-10 minutes. The set includes vertical lifts that allow you to build bridges and ramps providing an ever changing set of slot car tracks! In addition, there is a special tire cleaner for maximum control over the tires.

There is no doubt that this slot game will appeal to consumers interested in advanced technology and dynamic racing. The installation of the whole system takes only a few minutes, then you have to download the application, select one of the super sports cars and off you go. Let’s see if you can reach the summit of your gaming skills.

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2) Scalextric ARC One, App Race Control Set

[amazon fields=”B01CYE2D0O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Scalextric Arc One Super GT”]

[amazon fields=”B01CYE2D0O” value=”button”]

For the true connoisseurs of slot car tracks!

Let’s now turn to the classic slot cars, especially a revolutionary Scalextric ARC ONE slot car system. It has a 16.3-foot long track and consists of several pieces that allow you to build 3 different combinations of tracks for more versatile play options.

The slot car tracks are made of metal that conducts electricity so that the vehicles can move around without the batteries having to be constantly replaced or charged. There are special microphones that build bridges and jumping ramps that make the game more dynamic.

Let’s take a look at the cars in detail. There are two 1/32th scale slot cars that come with a robust and shockproof body.

Drivers at the bottom of the track move cars along the track. In fact, Scalextric fitted Magnatraction magnets on the underside of the car to bond the vehicles.

[amazon box = “B01CYE2D0O” ]

3) Carrera GO!!! GT Contest track Set

[amazon fields=”B00VBIHDY6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Carrera GO!!! GT Contest 1:43″]

[amazon fields=”B00VBIHDY6″ value=”button”]

The next slot car tracks to be discussed is the Carrera GO!!! GT Contest Track Set from Carrera USA

The entire track measures 2.3′ x 4.6′, so you can easily install it in a small room. You can install special guardrails along the perimeter of the track to prevent cars from flying off. There is only one track option available in the set. However you can variate slot car tracks by buying accessories separately and build your own perfect track!

The package includes the Ferrari 458 GT2 on a 1/43 scale and the Chevrolet Corvette C7. A. This racing car kit is a good choice for children who are more than 6 years old, as they are able to develop high speeds in this age. It should be noted that the Ferrari 458 GT2 is as powerful and fast as its original 470 hp version. It will therefore be difficult for your competitors to win.

Chevrolet Corvette C7. R is a prototype of the legendary car that has won many championships and is not easy to overtake.

What about the controls? Couldn’t be easier: The mechanical joystick has only two buttons – a start button to start the race and a turbo button for fast acceleration.

As an additional advantage for young riders, there is a cruise control under the start button that controls the speed of the car by preventing the turbo button from being pressed completely.

Is your child a Disney fan? Deck out your slot car tracks with slot cars featuring your favorite cartoon character!

Review of the Carrera GO!!! – GT Contest Track Set

As we have already mentioned, small cars run at high speed, which makes it difficult to count the number of laps. For this purpose, the manufacturers have equipped the car’s track with two special analogue lap counters. This way, you can always see which car has driven more laps around the slot car tracks, and determine the winner.

In general, this model, namely Carrera Go!!! GT Contest Track Set, is extremely easy to control and assemble with special connectors. Then simply put the cars on the track, press the start button and Go! There are no additional modes and settings. So even the little fans of slot cars can drive with this model with a lot of finesse.

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4) Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

[amazon fields=”B00G6MWM1Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Anki DRIVE Starter Kit”]

[amazon fields=”B00G6MWM1Q” value=”button”]

Joystick is always with you

This Anki model is manufactured in 3.5′ x 8.5′ Roll-Up Matte with a race track available. This is the best choice for children because it is safe enough to use without parental supervision.

A bit more special among slot car tracks; The Anki Drive Starter Kit is a slotless racetrack that allows the car to be driven without restrictions. There are special road markings and artificial intelligence that help keep cars on the runway and prevent them from flying off the tracks. This means that there is no need for additional rail guards, which greatly facilitate operation.

The Anki Drive Starter Kit includes 2 battery-powered warrior robots: Boson, the Fast Attacker and Kourai, the Agile Striker. The slot car is wirelessly controlled via your Android, so you always have a joystick at your fingertips.

All you need is to download a special application and choose the game mode you want to play. This application allows you to update your cars, set traps and shoot your virtual opponents, which will make your long race more interesting and challenging.

In fact, the cars and slot car tracks of this manufacturer are fully compatible. And if you want to use the new Anki Overdrive cars, simply download the new Anki Overdrive application from the App Store.

Review of the Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

Want to have some fun at home?

This car game offers 3 game modes: Battle Mode, Race Mode and Team Mode. This way you can always drive around the championship with your friends, become the fastest driver or complete the most laps.

What we like about this model is the practical design that does not limit the runners to stationary use. In addition, this car can be easily used outdoors, which is a great advantage if you enjoy trips and meetings with friends in the park or backyard. The kit includes 2 docking stations for charging cars and a tire cleaner for better grip on the track.

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5) Real FX Racing Slotless Racetrack System

[amazon fields=”B00IGNT3KQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_width=”350″ image_height=”350″ image_alt=”Real FX Racing: Slotless Racetrack”]

[amazon fields=”B00IGNT3KQ” value=”button”]

The Real FX Racing circuit has a unique layout. What makes it unique? Unlike most available models, the components of this slot car are made of PVC microfibre coated fabric for incredible durability.

Despite its 20 pieces, it’s very easy to set up. The obvious advantage of the set is its extreme versatility in creating battlefield combinations. With 20 pieces you can build and drive up to 40 different slot car tracks!

The package includes 2 cars that can develop speeds of up to 180 mph for more realistic races. The cars are equipped with optical sensors at the front and rear, which read out the track data 200 times per second, while artificial intelligence takes control of the wagons and prevents them fromleaving the track. That’s impressive!

The cars come with a set of 6 standard AAA batteries that offer up to 4 hours of uninterrupted operation, which is undoubtedly a pleasant bonus. So if the batteries are exhausted in the middle of the game (which may happen), you don’t have to wait until the charging process is completed. Replace the batteries and off you go!

However, if normal battery charging is not enough, you can easily use rechargeable batteries of the same type. This allows a continuous race over many hours, which will be a real pleasure for all the kids participating in this racing game!

Review of the Real FX Racing Slotless Racetrack

Take a look around

In this slot car game, traps are set up both randomly and locally, so the race becomes unpredictable. You must be careful not to get caught by other runners.

What we noticed during our review was the stylized design of the pistol-shaped joystick. It offers a good grip and it feels comfortable to control  the buttons on the sides.

It is possible to update the joystick drivers and game console to increase the racing level. But that’s not all! It can be connected to headphones so that you can continue to play at night, hearing all the sounds without disturbing others. The car slot is equipped with 3 AA batteries.

So this slot car is perfect for those who are bored with a classic race and want to focus on hostile attacks and a little more aggressive game play.

[amazon box = “B00IGNT3KQ” ]

We hope we’ve been able to give you a brief overview of the best slot car tracks money can buy, so that you can have a wonderful time with your kids and other family members. 


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