Best Slot Car Set – Reviews And Ratings 2019

If you have a penchant for car racing, a slot car set is certainly the thing you would find irresistible. Racing is not only a fun-filled activity, but also a lifelong passion for some people. It is, without doubt, an amazing social alternative to video games. It’s a fun game you can enjoy thoroughly with your family and friends. Continue reading this article to find the best slot car set of 2019.

Nowadays, slot sets are no longer equipped with obsolete traditional technology. Instead they’re beefed up with advanced technology and marvelous innovation.

Relive your childhood! You probably still remember those special moments when our parents unpacked and assembled the best slot car set purchased only for us. And how thrilling it was when we tested the limits of our true-to-life models. Slot cars sets, needless to say, provide incredible fun for the entire family.

Some toys, such as slot cars, have been around for decades, but they always look new and timeless. Slot cars are great fun as a group or alone. You drive then at breakneck speed on race tracks. It is an activity where everyone gets pumped up to become the fastest car racer.

What type of slot car set are there?

As far as a slot car set is concerned, there are both well- known and lesser-known brands. The car itself can be expensive or quite cheap. the price mostly depends on the seriousness with which you want to play the game. Packages can range from $80 to $800, which depend on the features available. Of course, many of these kits are very adaptable. Additional parts and sets can be purchased to make them a bigger race track or to embellish them further. The best slot car set however does offer excellent price-quality!

They can also be part of a larger set, such as the Scalextric series or the different car brands. Usually you will find them with everything you need, such as slot cars, car lanes, remote controls and everything else you need. Its operation is ensured by an electric current that feeds the wheels and makes them move fast!

The advantages of  a slot car set

If you look at the best slot car set, you will immediately notice that the average price is a little bit on the higher side. However, this means that each part of the whole is very durable and timeless. You can find endless things to customize. As such it all depends on your personal preference as to how you should proceed on this. Obviously, this will help you to keep a single toy forever and make it different or more challenging as a slot car racer.

You will find that most of the time with newer models of cars the replica slot car can be purchased to add to your set. Ultimately, it’s all about having fun with slot cars and the best slot car game will bring to you countless hours of fun, individually or together with your family.

The disadvantages 

If you don’t buy a quality slot car set, you might feel upset to see your cars fly away from the track and break easily. Also, you’ll limit yourself to use just what you have. It’ll be difficult to find add-ons, especially with unknown brands.

It also means that replacement are hard to find. Hence, it is imperative that you buy the right equipment the first time. Secondly make sure that the slot cars and slot tracks are all compatible with one another! This will ensure that you will have the best time when setting up your slot cars and slot car tracks. As such you can play the game without any hitch!

Top 10 of the best slot car set for 2018

10)  Carrera Digital 132 Hybrid Power Race Play Set

Carrera Digital 132 Hybrid Power Race Playset
  • Scale: 1/32
  • Ages: 8+
  • Carrera P/N: 30173
  • Toy
  • Carrera

This set is perfect if you want to plan a family get-together with up to 6 people and 6 different slot cars on the same track. Additionally if you plan an awesome tournament or to see clearly who can be the best racer; get the Carrera 30173 Power Set. Of course, there can only be one ultimate driver. This is the game where you would like to prove your mettle.

In this game, you’ll get wireless controllers to control your cars, making the experience more thrilling! You can sit back and enjoy the pleasure from the comfort of your couch! It is probably one of the biggest slot car racing games. Simply because you can have lots of friends around you. However, you can also enjoy it alone or in small groups.

9) Carrera GO!!! – GT Contest Track Set

Carrera GO!!! GT Contest 1:43 Scale Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set - Corvette vs Ferrari
  • Race like the pros with driving action as real as it gets - enjoy fast-paced car racing action on nearly 12 feet of track with authentic cars that reach scale speeds of 370 mph!
  • Get hooked on thrilling head-to-head race action - The Track is designed with a hotspot junction where near misses and collisions add tension to every race!
  • A perfect slot car set for beginner Racers - controllers feature govenors allowing younger kids to learn and develop racing skills at a slower speed!
  • Exciting two-player and group activity - family and friends will all enjoy the fast-paced head-to-head driving action - race to win and then do it again!
  • Expand your racing options for hours of fun - use track expansion sets, accessories, and a wide selection of additional cars to create challenging new races!

Do you want to race Corvette against Ferrari at home? The Carrera GO!!!!!!!! GT Contest Slot Car Set offers a showdown of legends between the Ferrari 458 GT Italia and the hot new Chevrolet Corvette C7th R. A passionate Italian against America’s No. 1 sports car, this amazing pair  promises close and exciting races up to the flag. Both cars have won championships and set records. On the 1/43rd scale Carrera circuit, it’s driving ability that wins races and produces champions. The course is almost 12 feet long and is a great challenge for every slot car fiend. The connecting track piece is an absolute battleground. This guarantees an unbearable tension for every race.

8) AFX 21018 Super International (MG+)

AFX Super International (MG+) Set
  • AFX 21018 Super International (MG+)
  • Toy
  • AFX

You’ll discover that the AFX provides very standard slot car games. You will also find that its quality is exceptional and worth more than what you pay for. The 21019 Super International package has one of the most demanding track and subway curves. These require more skills from you than just to keep the throttle at full speed.

Try to break your record and you will find that your cars quickly get out of control. Only a true champion knows how to handle and adjust speed. Therefore you can always check to see whether you have what it takes! As it is challenging it will take lots of patience and speed to achieve the best results!

7)  AFX 21019 Super Cups (MG+)

AFX 21019 Super Coupes (MG+)
  • AFX 21019 Super Coupes (MG+)

In seventh place in our best set of slot car reviews is the AFX 21019. One of our favorites for several reasons. It’s very simple, but it has everything you need, including the hard to maneuver curves. Slot races can become boring pretty quickly if there are no challenges involved. However also if it is too difficult, especially for the children.

The AFX 21019 takes this into account and offers a perfect balance between the two. The price is also incredibly attractive. Especially since we usually play with our toys for a few months, or may be a few years, and then throw them away, it is worth buying. The cars alone, for this set, are probably worth the price and you would love to possess this slot car set.

6) Giant (MG+) Set with round counter

AFX AFX21017 Giant (MG+) Set with Lap Counter
  • AFX 21017 Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter
  • Toy
  • AFX

Further up in our best slot car set review is the giant MG+. This is where the fun and business comes into play! Once set up, you will spend hours following this route. Because it will not only take time to reach a lap, but it is also a huge stretch with several curves, bridges and more to give you endless amount of fun and enjoyment.

With a lap counter, you never lose track of what’s happening. Note that this does not apply to younger children as it can cause difficulties. It is aimed at amateurs and experienced drivers of slot car racing. This doesn’t mean that children who would like to take a shot at slot car games will not have their fair share of fun!

5)  Scalextric Continental sports car set (scale 1:32)

Scalextric Continental Sports Cars Set (1:32 Scale)
  • The LMP and Pro GT Endurance Race Cars go head-to-head in this Scalextric Continental Sports Car Race Set.
  • Lap Counter included to add an extra dimension to make it even more competitive.
  • The race set includes 16' 4" of track with 3 different layout options to provide endless amounts of fun and variety, can change the layout in a matter of minutes with the easy to connect track.
  • Special Features of this race set: Easy Change Pick-ups, Magnatraction and Super tough cars &
  • Power selector on hand controllers to adjust the speed of the cars which is perfect for beginners or crank it up to full speed for more challenging races. Perfect for all levels or racing.

You not only get a huge race track in this slot car game but you can also customize the same set of tracks in 3 different routes. Train on every street to become the best and prove it to your friends! Instead of having just one track, you get 3 Scalextric tracks and can even bring more creativity to the show with your innovative approach.

To avoid fraud, all you have to do is install the lap counter and let the competition reach a new all-time high. It is also the brand that is fairly well-known, but they are also a little more expensive than the average slot racing cars! But the price is justified since it provides awesome quality and long- lasting enjoyment! That is why it is halfway our best slot car set review!

4)  DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package (4 Cars Included)

DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package (4 Cars Included)
  • Revolutionary lane changing technology
  • 4 cars and 4 remotes for up to 4 players
  • Super fast cars
  • 18 feet of total track
  • Toy

DMXSLOTS is not only a great starter kit, but you can also buy a lot of accessories and train harder, become better and faster at slot cars if you want to go further than just playing an occasional game!

It is a revolutionary and exciting new concept for slot racing. With DMX slots, motor racing drivers can pass, intercept and block their competitors at anytime and anywhere on the track. Old-fashioned slot cars are limited to one pin and one slot. Lane-change tracks can only occur in certain sections of the route.

These technical restrictions have prevented the development of slot car racing for ages. The new and exciting DMX uses a unique patented rotating pin technology that allows the car to change lane at any point on the track. This exciting new generation of slot cars combines speed and strategy, as well as real-world professionalism. The exclusive package includes: 4 different colored cars, 4 remote controls, 18 foot track – 12 straight tracks and 12 curves. If you buy it, no doubt, you are going to have oodles of fun!

3) Scalextric fast And Furious

Scalextric 1:32 Fast & Furious Limited Edition Cars Set
  • Fast & Furious Twinpack, Camaro v. Challenger Special Limited Edition C3373A
  • Toy
  • Scalextric

Now we are getting close to the best slot car set!

The previous slot car set I bought really let me down me because they kept on breaking, especially the toys. I had almost refused to buy one for my child, but when one of my close buddies  advocated this Scalextric fast and furious set, I took note of that slot car set.

Oh boy, it was truly amazing, the car would always crash but never break. Furthermore, this is the best slot car set for a beginner in racing. The cars are big enough, and they do not go off track whenever you are in a race. My little children have been using it for more than a couple of years, and it is yet to break!

2) Maxx Traxxx R/C Racer Tracker

Max Traxxx R/C Award Winning High Speed Remote Control Infinity Loop Track Set with Two Cars for Dual Racing
  • Max Traxxx takes your racing to the next level with High Speed Remote Control Glow in the Dark Racing
  • Glow Powered racing cars feature undercarriage lights that not only make these cars look almost like they are hovering rather than rolling - the lights also leave glowing streaks in their wake showing how the racers are "burning" up the track!
  • Remote controlled cars can be driven at variable speeds with a top to-scale speed of 500 miles per hour; cars recharge by being plugged into the control - only one set of 4 AA batteries for each charger are required (batteries not included)
  • With a glow-in-the-dark dual loop, 6 dual glow-in-the-dark corners, over 46 feet of glow-in-the-dark track, 2 R/C race cars, and 26 X-BLOX construction brix, racing, in the light and the dark, will never be the same
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year Award and Family Choice Award; set is fully warranted by the manufacturer for many hours of play so you are assured your racing fun will go on and on!

I have never seen such a fascinating glow in the dark slot car set. The LED tracks really make it easy for you to use it when the room is dark. The remote controls work perfectly, and it would be advisable for anyone who prefers this type of top-rated slot car set to buy rechargeable batteries since they are cheaper. This is the best gift you can give to a 6-year-old kid. Besides, the cars can move fast–that is 500 miles per hour.  While the cars move, you will notice glowing streaks that will  show how fast the car is moving.

1)           AFX AFX21017 Giant (MG+) Set with Lap Counter

AFX AFX21017 Giant (MG+) Set with Lap Counter
  • AFX 21017 Giant (MG+) w/Lap Counter
  • Toy
  • AFX

Last but not least, the very best slot car set, is the AFX AFX21017 Giant (MG+), a fantastic slot car game that can set you on fire!

Having set this slot car up for my children, I noticed that my children are not being able to handle it properly when using it. They would race the cars at high speed, which would make the cars fly off the track because they are just amateurs and still learning.

Once I noticed this, I taught them how to use it. I set it into beginner’s mode where the cars will never fly because the cars will now move slowly.  Now, my two children can drive the cars fast, and able to prevent them from getting off track from the curves. The set is large enough and has a good lap counter.

This track has 3 power settings – beginner, intermediate, and expert. At the beginner level, you can floor it all the way around the track and it can be played with by my 3-year-old grandson. On the intermediate, it gets trickier to get around the more extreme curves, and on the expert level you really have to know what you’re doing. If you want a race track that makes it impossible to just fly off the track, then this will still work — just keep to the beginner mode! (You can still knock each other off at 2 places where the tracks cross each other, and one where they get closer to each other – this calls for a little bit of strategy so that you can carry on playing with any hassle.

That is why the AFX 21017 Giant is the best slot car set in our book!

Things to consider with a Slot Racing Car Set

Slot cars have been part of the family entertainment for several generations. While the technology has made many changes over the years, there is one thing that has never changed. The two well-known grooves that roll-up the entire length of the track.

There have been a number of changes in the areas of track material. As well as track alignment and even automotive engineering. All the changes that have taken place over the years have created a large number of options for slot car enthusiasts to choose from. If you’re new to the world of slot cars, we hope that the information we’ve provided will help you make it easier to decide which slot car set is best for your family.

We have listed a number of very important things to consider in the best slot car set. 

Track systems

Everything starts with the track.

There are currently four main track systems on which most slot car sets are based. Each of the four has its own positives and negatives that you need to consider. The four main track systems are Carrera, Ninco, Scalextric Sport and SCX.

Scalextric Sport – The Scalextric Sport is one of the most versatile 1:32 scale slot car sets and is found in many of today’s slot car kits. Scalextric Sports Track gives you a wide range of options. It’s usually considered an integral part of the best slot car set. It has become the de-facto market standard.

CarreraThe Carrera Style Track is of a quality similar to that of the track which is made of plastic. The track adjustment is very narrow and requires a little effort to bring them together. There are also plastic clips that hold the rail in place.

Ninco – The Ninco Style Track is made of flexible materials and is 1/2 inch wider than the Scalextric Sport. The increased flexibility of the rail makes it more resistant to frequent assembly and disassembly.

SCX – The SCX Style Track is essentially a renewed Scalextric Sports System and is available in two different versions: digital and non-digital. The two rail types are completely incompatible and cannot be connected to each other.

Vehicle selection

Cars are an important part of today’s slot car sets. There has been significant progress in the design and operation of the cars found in the slot car set. The cars you choose must be extremely fast, easy to handle on the road and easy to control. You would also like to choose cars that do not require a lot of maintenance to function properly.

To get the best slot car set for your children, you need to pay attention to the following. It is really important that you take into account that you need to keep your children interested. You should make sure that the cars are easy to use and that they are the sources of extreme fun and thrill. Needless to say, if the kids are not having fun, it’s unlikely they would like to keep going.

Energy supply systems

The power supply of the track is one of the keys to your car’s’ ability to drive together quickly on the track. To do this, it is very important that they have the right power. Unfortunately, for safety reasons, the government demands that the manufacturers of slot car sets limit the current of the power supply. This limitation means that the power is not sufficient to drive two cars simultaneously at optimal speed on the same slot.

Must- have extras in your best slot car set

Add-ons are what makes a basic slot car set the best. You need to go beyond the basic car slot car game. So, you would do well to take note of the additional recommendations made when you get your next slot car set.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this longish post, we hope we’ve provided you with enough information to help you make an informed decision about the best slot car set for your money.

It is obvious that Slot Car Sets can provide hours of entertainment for children and adults. The race for cars and the race for a big racetrack can be a lot of fun. Slot car racing games bring people together. Additionally it creates great moments and incredible memories. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up, finding the best slot car set is no easy task. It took us days to decide what is best. We have tried to select the best games after meticulously going through all the pros and cons of the products. Which is why the list above appears exhaustive. Obviously, all these slot car games are perfect fun gifts for the children. Ultimately also for the adults who still find these slot car sets and the racing tracks fascinating!


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